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Irrepressible Release Day & New Giveaway

Today Irrepressible hits all retailers, and of course I've got another giveaway to celebrate!

Irrepressible – Book 4.5 of The Bloodlust Chronicles

Having men invade her house should have been terrifying enough for Jody Matthews, but finding out they were not human took it to a whole new level. Helpless and at the mercy of ruthless Vampires, she learns she is a bargaining chip in a struggle she can’t even begin to understand.

Just when Jody begins to believe she will either fall victim to the obsessed Vampire who has been stalking her in past weeks and is now professing love, or the sadistic Vampire hell-bent on drawing pained screams from her, a third Vampire enters the equation.

Whisked away from the nightmare occupying her house, Jody is rescued by Zeke, a Vampire with a penchant for aiding damsels in distress. After losing their only means of communication with Jody’s sister—Zeke’s phone—the Vampire brings her to his home while they formulate a plan. In such close quarters, will Jody be able to resist his charm and repress the feelings he evokes in her?






Scent is a powerful sense, having the ability to transport us back to fond (or maybe not so fond) memories, change our moods, or even attract us to one another. In honor of the release of Irrepressible, Book 4.5 in The Bloodlust Chronicles, I am doing a giveaway of the following of some of my favorite scents:

  • 1 signed copy of Irrepressible

  • 1 Travel oil diffuser

  • 1- 10 mL bottle of lemon essential oil

  • 1- 10 mL bottle of eucalyptus essential oil (organic)

  • 1- 10 mL bottle of peppermint essential oil

  • 1- 10 mL bottle of lavender essential oil

  • 1- 10 mL bottle of grapefruit essential oil

To enter to win, follow me on Amazon:

Want additional entries? follow me on BookBub!, Sign up for my email newsletter at,

like my Facebook Page at, and/or share this post to your Facebook wall. Already stalking me everywhere? Comment and tag a few friends for an entry!

This giveaway closes on Monday, November 27th at midnight. A winner will be selected at random from all entries and announced by Wednesday, November 29th via my newsletter and Facebook pages.

*due to the high cost of international shipping, any international winners will receive an e-gift card to their favorite e-tailer in the amount of $25 in lieu of the above listed prize, and a second US-based winner will be chosen to receive the above listed prize.

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