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Naughty Novellas

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Naughty Novella Collection 1-5

Join the hot nights of Rum River in this collection of Naughty Novellas including Naughty Librarian, Naughty Professor, Naughty Nanny, Naughty Neighbor, and Naughty Mechanic. 

Naughty Librarian

My rules are simple—1 night, no attachments. But Mick, the naughty librarian from my latest steamy tryst, keeps popping up in places I least expect him, and I find myself wanting more. When I uncover his secret, I’m reminded why I have rules in the first place—so I don’t get hurt and my heart stays intact. I should have followed the rules.

Naughty Professor

It’s been ten years since I’ve seen my ex-fiancé Paxton Ashmore, but here I am, back home to take care of my family, and teaching side-by-side with Professor Ashmore. Somehow he looks even better than when we parted ways, and I find myself reminded of all the reasons I never should have left. Is it too late for my naughty professor and I, or can we rekindle our old flame anew? I’m about to find out.

Naughty Nanny

To say Lex is not what I expect when I open my front door to greet the new nanny, is a complete and utter understatement. One look at him, and I know I’m making my life simultaneously easier and more difficult by hiring him. On one hand, he’s the most capable person I could hire to care for my son. On the other hand, how will I manage to maintain a professional relationship when my naughty nanny is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man?

Naughty Neighbor

My best friend calls him ‘hot neighbor guy’ because I’m too chicken to ask his name. It turns out I don’t have to ask, Jaron gives it freely after rescuing me from a dead car battery. The problem is, I swore off men after escaping my abusive ex-boyfriend. Little by little, Jaron reminds me that not all men are like my ex. Will my naughty neighbor be the perfect guy to restore my faith in men?

Naughty Mechanic

Growing up, Rylie was always off limits as my best friend’s little sister. When chasing my roommate down for rent money, I see her again for the first time in eight years, and I’m stunned by the woman she’s become. When I discover the attraction is mutual, I have to decide if I’ll follow my best friend’s wishes and keep my hands off, or if I’ll finally get to act on the feelings I suppressed for my naughty mechanic all those years ago.

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