Once Upon a Twisted Time

Are you ready to dive into a world of *brand new & exclusive* fairy tales where your beloved stories are retold with a twist?


In this collection, new thrills are woven into the fables we know, both classic and modern. Uncover unexpected changes to old treasures, and fall in love with new adventures to explore. From Cinderella to Rumpelstiltskin, The Mad Hatter to 12 Dancing Princesses, come find your unique favorites as these authors unleash diverse experiences of magical creatures in their wicked contemporary and paranormal romance worlds.


The Bloodlust Chronicles



Fallen in the heat of battle in King Harald’s war, Endre lies in wait for the Valkyries to lead him to Valhalla. Instead of the beautiful warrior maidens of lore, Endre is visited by a mysterious stranger who grants him the gift of immortality.


Endre soon learns immortality comes with a thirst for blood which threatens to devour his remaining humanity. His only hope to retain any shred of his former self is to seek the destruction of the Vampire horde his mysterious benefactor unwillingly drafted him into.


The story of Endre’s journey to immortality in this Prequel to Irresistible, book one of The Bloodlust Chronicles is rendered through a unique mixture of Viking and Vampire lore.



Buried as punishment for a crime he didn’t commit, Endre has had nothing but time to plot revenge on his betrayer. Salvation arrives when an archaeology student unwittingly exhumes his coffin and provides him with the first blood he’s tasted in nearly a century.

Upon awakening from an attack by a creature she never believed existed, Nora discovers she is now his hostage. Forced to accompany Endre from Italy to Paris on a quest for vengeance, she is thrust into his dark and forbidden world and finds herself inexplicably drawn to the Vampire. Lust runs rampant throughout the course of their journey and Nora begins to question if the irresistible connection between them is more than mere biology.



With only the dying declaration of his enemy hinting at its existence, Endre and Nora set out in search of a lab to continue work on a cure for Vampirism. Having no direction to travel, they must venture to the lair of the enemy for clues, risking their second lives for the answer.


As a newly created Vampire, Nora must come to grips with the monster lurking just below the surface, begging to be unleashed and wreak havoc. Endre serves as a guide through the darkest moments, leading her to consider her feelings toward him may be more than simple lust.  


The need to restore Nora’s humanity and earn both her love and forgiveness drives Endre to drastic measures, which unravel the carefully building trust between them. Will a cure for the burdens of the second life he bestowed upon her be enough to redeem him for his barbaric actions?




Settled into their lab and new home in the Black Forest of Germany, Endre and Nora are mere days away from a formulation for their cure for Vampirism when the unthinkable happens. Prepared for a night on the town, they are instead faced with an invasion of unknown armed men.

In the fray of a firefight, Nora watches helplessly from the grip of her captor as Endre falls lifelessly to the floor. Carted away under the assumption she is merely a victim of Endre’s, circumstances cause her to reveal herself as a Vampire, placing her in a dire situation from which there is no discernable escape.   

After watching in awe as Nora’s wounds heal with miraculous speed, Vampire Hunter Doctor Jackson Connors begins playing a dangerous game with her blood that could cost him everything. Captivated by the Vampire, he must decide if he will stand idly by while his Hunter brethren torture her or turn against his own and liberate her from her tormentors.      




Alicia Matthews had no reason to believe the night she learned Vampires existed would be any different than any other snowy Minnesota night, until she’s bit in the parking lot of her office building. Her world is further flipped on its axis when she’s rescued by a mysterious man appearing from the shadows.

Terrified with her new awareness of otherworldly creatures, Alicia is delivered home only to find a new threat awaits her. A madman holds her sister hostage. Alicia’s only hope of getting her back in one piece is to convince a trio of Vampires to allow her to assist in their mysterious research without them knowing who she’s really working for.

The problem is, Alicia’s no actress and her growing attraction to her rescuer makes keeping the secret that much harder. Will she be able to keep up the ruse long enough to recover her sister unharmed?    




Having men invade her house should have been terrifying enough for Jody Matthews, but finding out they were not human took it to a whole new level. Helpless and at the mercy of ruthless Vampires, she learns she is a bargaining chip in a struggle she can’t even begin to understand. 

Just when Jody begins to believe she will either fall victim to the obsessed Vampire who has been stalking her in past weeks and is now professing love, or the sadistic Vampire hell-bent on drawing pained screams from her, a third Vampire enters the equation. 

Whisked away from the nightmare occupying her house, Jody is rescued by Zeke, a Vampire with a penchant for aiding damsels in distress. After losing their only means of communication with Jody’s sister—Zeke’s phone—the Vampire brings her to his home while they formulate a plan. In such close quarters, will Jody be able to resist his charm and repress the feelings he evokes in her?




Old enemies emerge from the shadows, storming the Vampires’ lab, halting testing on the preliminary formulation of the cure for Vampirism. As the twisted web of events dating back to Endre’s incarceration beneath the earth begins to unravel, the Vampires learn they have merely been pawns in an elaborate revenge scheme.

When all hell breaks loose, the life of one of their own is cut short and a deadly new creature is spawned, sparking awareness of side-effects of the cure.

In a startling turn of events, unlikely allies come to the rescue, allowing the Vampires to continue their work to create a viable serum in an attempt to reverse the effects of Vampirism.


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