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Lost Soul

A trip with my girlfriends to Salem in October was meant to be the ultimate bucket list adventure, filled with Witchy shops, Hocus Pocus tours, and mysterious nightclubs. The adventure began typically enough with each overpriced shop identical to the next, until we stepped into Lost Treasures. In the otherworldly confines of the antique shop, an enchanting green and black glass paperweight catches my eye.

From the moment I laid eyes on that glass orb, things started to take a dark turn, plunging me into a dangerous and unfamiliar world filled with creatures I had only heard about in stories and never fully believed. The supernatural revealed itself to be real with a Vampire attack in a club full of people. If not for the mysterious man emerging from the shadows to rescue me, I don’t know that I would have made it out alive.

Lost Soul is a standalone novella in the Reapers series as well as part of The Getaway Chronicles.

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Death Dealer

Half the pieces of the only weapon known to kill Death have been recovered and are now in the possession of a dangerous Necromancer. The same Necromancer who has been a major pain in my ass since I first found out I’m part of the supernatural world.

Death’s Reapers are on the hunt for the remaining pieces, but the Necromancer seems to always be one step ahead of us. My partner Gunnar and I suspect we have a mole in the Reaper ranks. How else does that asshole Necromancer keep beating us to the punch?

Now not only do we have to travel to remote and dangerous locales to search for pieces of the doomsday weapon, but we have to try to get there ahead of the Necromancer and prevent, well, doomsday. Let’s also not forget having to sniff out the traitor in our midst.

At least the life of a Reaper is never dull.

Death Dealer is Book Three in the Reapers Series

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The Risen

As a newly branded Reaper, my first mission was to Sanctuary Academy, a magical school for kids, to fight zombies.  I mean Risen. Apparently the supernatural are quite sensitive when it comes to the categorization of the undead. And, okay, I wasn’t actually, technically, supposed to be there. But it turns out I have a knack for defeating the undead, so nobody complained too loudly about me tagging along.

My partner Gunnar and I figured it was a trap, courtesy of the Necromancer who has been dogging my steps from the moment I stumbled into this supernatural world. It was a trap, of course. But I wasn’t the intended prey as we suspected.

Stranded at the school, courtesy of a monster blizzard, I explore hidden passages and unlock new facets of my magical abilities in the process. I just hope I can unearth the secrets of Sanctuary Academy in time to rescue Gunnar from whatever grisly fate the Necromancer has planned.

The Risen is Book Two in the Reapers Series


Shadow Unveiled

After a particularly nasty car wreck, I met Death, and he let me live. My doctors claim it was a hallucination brought on by the trauma, but it felt pretty damn real to me. Especially the part where Death said he’d call on me soon. Months after, he still hadn’t shown his face, but my life had fallen apart while I waited. Every waking hour was filled with the incessant chatter of voices in my head, and whenever I closed my eyes, I was plagued by night terrors. It was too much for my fiancé to handle, so he left. I couldn’t get out of bed anymore, so I got fired from my job. Even my own family began distancing themselves. I had no one and nothing left, except the voices and nightmares in my head. I couldn’t wait for Death anymore, so I decided to go to him the old-fashioned way—by dying.

Things don’t go as planned when Death sends his most loyal Reaper, Gunnar, to thwart my foray into The Realm of the Dead. That night I learned there is an entire hidden supernatural world, and the icing on the cake is that I’m a part of it. A BIG part. Magical abilities I didn’t know I had start to manifest and grow, gaining me all kinds of attention. Death offers me a place among his Reapers, and a power-hungry Necromancer tries to convince me to join his plot to overthrow Death.

Both sides make compelling arguments—but which one is right?

Shadow Unveiled is Book One in the Reapers Series

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Stolen Soul

Someone has done the impossible - broken into Death's vault in The Realm of the Dead, and stolen an especially valuable and dangerous soul. The very soul which determines the balance between life and death.

As Death's enforcers, Gunnar and his fellow Reapers are tasked with hunting down the thief and recovering the soul. Will they catch the culprit and recover the soul before things take a catastrophic turn?

Stolen Soul is a prequel novella to the Reaper series.


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