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Irredeemable - Book 2 is LIVE!

Happy release day to Irredeemable!

I'm super excited to get the next book in The Bloodlust Chronicles out there to readers. I've also set up a new giveaway through Facebook to celebrate - and I just like giving things to readers :)

Haven't seen a blurb for Irredeemable yet? Check it out below:

With only the dying declaration of his enemy hinting at its existence, Endre and Nora set out in search of a lab to continue work on a cure for Vampirism. Having no direction to travel, they must venture to the lair of the enemy for clues, risking their second lives for the answer.

As a newly created Vampire, Nora must come to grips with the monster lurking just below the surface, begging to be unleashed and wreak havoc. Endre serves as a guide through the darkest moments, leading her to consider her feelings toward him may be more than simple lust.

The need to restore Nora’s humanity and earn both her love and forgiveness drives Endre to drastic measures, which unravel the carefully building trust between them. Will a cure for the burdens of the second life he bestowed upon her be enough to redeem him for his barbaric actions?

Click below for links to purchase Irredeemable


In honor of Irredeemable’s new release, Tara Vasser is giving away an awesome prize consisting of:

- A signed copy of Irredeemable

- A $25 Bath and Body Works gift card

- A bar of Garlic and Holy Water Vampire Repelling soap (seriously) from Pojo Soaps

To enter to win, sign up for Tara’s email newsletter list at

A winner will be selected at random from new newsletter subscribers on Monday, September 18th.

Are you already a newsletter subscriber? Don’t worry you can enter by sharing this post to your Facebook page! Comment below when you’ve shared.

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