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Irresistible 2nd Edition Cover Reveal!

Happy New Year! I’m making a few changes to my newsletter in 2019, one of which will be changing to a quarterly distribution, rather than monthly. That way I’m not filling your inbox with stuff you don’t want! How awesome is that? Of course, if you want to interact with me and find out what I’m up to between now and the next newsletter three months from now, feel free to visit me on social media. You can catch up with me most often on Twitter and Facebook. I also have a Facebook Reader Group called Vasser’s Vamps I’ll be posting exclusive content in this year, including excerpts from the new series I’m working on.

Today I’m excited to share the cover reveal for the second edition of Irresistible!

Buried as punishment for a crime he didn’t commit, Endre has had nothing but time to plot revenge on his betrayer. Salvation arrives when an archaeology student unwittingly exhumes his coffin and provides him with the first blood he’s tasted in nearly a century.

Upon awakening from an attack by a creature she never believed existed, Nora discovers she is now his hostage. Forced to accompany Endre from Italy to Paris on a quest for vengeance, she is thrust into his dark and forbidden world and finds herself inexplicably drawn to the Vampire. Lust runs rampant throughout the course of their journey and Nora begins to question if the irresistible connection between them is more than mere biology.

The manuscript is FINALLY done and with my editor as I write this. The release date is set for April 11th. Can’t wait that long? Sign up to be part of my ARC team to get an advanced copy to review – I plan to send those out to readers the first week of March, giving you plenty of time to read and put together a review.

For those of you who read the first edition of Irresistible, you will find the 2nd edition to be a very different story. I hope you enjoy it! As a bonus exclusively for my newsletter subscribers, I will be offering FREE copies of the 2nd edition for a limited time after release day.

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