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Series Complete!

Today Irreversible, Book 5 and the final installment of The Bloodlust Chronicles launches!

Old enemies emerge from the shadows, storming the Vampires’ lab, halting testing on the preliminary formulation of the cure for Vampirism. As the twisted web of events dating back to Endre’s incarceration beneath the earth begins to unravel, the Vampires learn they have merely been pawns in an elaborate revenge scheme.

When all hell breaks loose, the life of one of their own is cut short and a deadly new creature is spawned, sparking awareness of side-effects of the cure.

In a startling turn of events, unlikely allies come to the rescue, allowing the Vampires to continue their work to create a viable serum in an attempt to reverse the effects of Vampirism.





Irreversible is the final installment of The Bloodlust Chronicles.

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