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Irreplaceable is Live! (and I have a new giveaway)

Irreplaceable is live and there's a new giveaway available too!

Settled into their lab and new home in the Black Forest of Germany, Endre and Nora are mere days away from a formulation for their cure for Vampirism when the unthinkable happens. Prepared for a night on the town, they are instead faced with an invasion of unknown armed men.

In the fray of a firefight, Nora watches helplessly from the grip of her captor as Endre falls lifelessly to the floor. Carted away under the assumption she is merely a victim of Endre’s, circumstances cause her to reveal herself as a Vampire, placing her in a dire situation from which there is no discernable escape.

After watching in awe as Nora’s wounds heal with miraculous speed, Vampire Hunter Doctor Jackson Connors begins playing a dangerous game with her blood that could cost him everything. Captivated by the Vampire, he must decide if he will stand idly by while his Hunter brethren torture her or turn against his own and liberate her from her tormentors.


For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas. In honor of Irreplaceable’s release and the upcoming Halloween holiday, I am giving away the following prize:

  • A signed copy of Irreplaceable

  • Jack Skellington plush

  • Jack Skellington makeup bag

  • Jack Skellington tumbler with straw

  • Set of 4 Nightmare Before Christmas shotglasses

  • $10 Amazon gift card

To enter to win, sign up for Tara’s email newsletter list at

A winner will be selected at random from new newsletter subscribers on Monday, October 16th.

Are you already a newsletter subscriber? Don’t worry you can enter by sharing this post to your Facebook page! Comment below when you’ve shared.

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