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Irrecoverable Release!

Irrecoverable, Book 4 of The Bloodlust Chronicles released today!

Alicia Matthews had no reason to believe the night she learned Vampires existed would be any different than any other snowy Minnesota night, until she’s bit in the parking lot of her office building. Her world is further flipped on its axis when she’s rescued by a mysterious man appearing from the shadows.

Terrified with her new awareness of otherworldly creatures, Alicia is delivered home only to find a new threat awaits her. A madman holds her sister hostage. Alicia’s only hope of getting her back in one piece is to convince a trio of Vampires to allow her to assist in their mysterious research without them knowing who she’s really working for.

The problem is, Alicia’s no actress and her growing attraction to her rescuer makes keeping the secret that much harder. Will she be able to keep up the ruse long enough to recover her sister unharmed?

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